Sir Arnold Waters Medal

An annual prize that recognises the best presentation to have won an Institution Regional Group award in the previous year.

The medal is presented by the President at the Institution’s annual People and Papers Awards.

The prize is named in honour of Sir Arnold Waters, twice Past President of the Institution. Sir Arnold was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery during the Second Battle of the Sambre in World War One, when he finished construction of a temporary bridge while under point-blank machine gun fire.




Presentations should be submitted via a Regional Group representative.

Your submission may take the form of a written paper, an electronic presentation (eg PowerPoint), or any other suitable method. You may supply a brief executive summary (max. 500 words) highlighting the key points.

Judges will consider:

  • Clarity and presentation
  • Value as a contribution to the art and science of structural engineering
  • Extent of the author’s responsibility for the work described


More information


Contact the Papers Awards Judging Panel secretary.

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