Certificate in Structural Behaviour

Take a step closer to becoming professionally qualified.

Kick start your career and get closer to professional registration with the Certificate in Structural Behaviour. 

The certificate is an internationally recognised mark of competence that proves you have the skills valued by employers: fundamental knowledge and understanding of structural behaviour, including trusses, beams, plasticity, and dynamics. 

The certificate also contributes to your Initial Professional Development (IPD) and Professional Review Interview (PRI)

How does it work?

To attain the certificate you must pass a two hour, online exam. The exam is invigilated by TestReach and comprises 20 multiple choice questions similar to the popular  Structural Behaviour Quiz

Once you have signed up for the exam you have two months in which to sit it. You can take the exam anywhere with an internet connection, choosing from a wide variety of dates/times to suit your availability.

The pass mark is 70%. 

Certificate exam fee

Student Members: £75
Graduate Members: £100*
Other grades of membership: £150
Non-members: £200
Re-sit fee: £50
*SPECIAL OFFER: Graduates signing up for the exam before midnight on 31 October 2021 will pay the reduced exam fee of £75


Once you’ve registered your interest you’ll have free access to the Structural Behaviour Quiz for practice.

Once you’ve registered and paid the exam entry fee we will contact you within a few days with details of how to select your exam date.

Recommended by past certificate recipients

Benefits for Graduate Members: 


Looks great on the CV – the certificate shows employers you have successfully transferred your skills and knowledge into the workplace

Complete your IPD - the certificate contributes to Objective 2.2 

Get ahead in your PRI - you won’t be tested on structural behaviour if you have attained the certificate 

Free access to the Structural Behaviour Quiz when you register for the certificate exam 

Discounts on Graduate Membership fees for eligible members

Hemant Gor, Chartered Member

"The certificate helped me improve my skills in approximate analysis and drawing bending moment and force diagrams. As a result, I was given the opportunity to work on new multibillion-dollar projects."

Benefits for Student Members: 


Kick start your career – the certificate shows employers you have the skills, knowledge and passion they’re looking for 

Level playing field - it doesn’t matter where you studied or the accreditation of your degree, the certificate is recognised as proof of your competence by employers worldwide 

Extra year of free Graduate membership, plus further subscription discounts (for eligible members)

Get a head start on your IPD - contribute to Objective 2.2 and take a step towards professional registration before you’ve even finished your studies

Tarun Mittal, Student Member

"It's the only qualification that gives students the opportunity to achieve professional goals during their higher education. It gave me an extra edge over other candidates and helped me get a new job."

Benefits for employers


Get your employees closer to professional registration - the certificate contributes directly to their IPD

Great for staff retention - the certificate is an easy way to provide your employees with training and support

Seamless understanding - by signing up multiple employees, you'll ensure consistency of skills and knowledge across your team

Cost-effective - when you sign up your employees, they'll get four months' free access to the Structural Behaviour Quiz so they can practise

Bulk discount - get a discount on exam licence fees when you sign up multiple employees

Membership fees - eligible members are entitled to substantial discounts on their Graduate Membership fees 

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Ian Craig, Director at Evolve

“As part of Evolve’s career development process, we include the certificate on a checklist of targets designed to aid quick progression from Graduate to Project Engineer. It demonstrates that the mechanics learned at university have been developed and successfully transferred into the working environment.”

Free Structural Behaviour Quiz


Once you've registered your interest in the certificate, you'll get four months' free access to the Structural Behaviour Quiz so you can practise.  

"Have a go as often as you like"

The course consists of a 20 question online quiz which assesses elements of structural behaviour.

Return and take the quiz as many times as you like, developing confidence and a firm knowledge.

The quiz draws on a bank of over 200 questions, including trusses, beams, plasticity, and dynamics.

You'll receive feedback on your answers allowing you to learn from your mistakes.

Don't forget, if you're a Student Member or Graduate Member you already have free access to the quiz.

Corina-Elena Robea, Graduate Member

"Practising for the exam using the Structural Behaviour Course showed my strengths and the areas that required improvement. It was a good way to re-learn fundamental skills that had become rusty from using so much software day-to-day."

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