Planning a home improvement? 
Worried about damage to your house?
A professionally qualified structural engineer can help you devise safe and cost effective solutions. 

Basement conversions

Discover how a structural engineer can help create a new space in your basement or cellar.

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Flood and storm damage

A structural engineer can help devise safe and efficient repairs.

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Search for structural engineers across the UK using our database. Only firms with at least one member of The Institution of Structural Engineers are included, ensuring that you are put in touch with a trustworthy professional.

What is a structural engineer?

Structural engineers are the guardians of public safety and innovative, problem-solving design professionals.

Their technical expertise allows them to determine the cause of issues like cracks in walls and provide plans for repairs.

Structural engineers are also essential on many home improvement projects, working with architects to ensure new designs are constructed safely and cost effectively.

For instance, when creating an open plan space, a structural engineer can tweak the design so that less material is used more efficiently: saving you money and providing peace of mind that your works are completely safe.

So where an architect decides how a project will look, the structural engineer decides how it's built.

If you're hiring a structural engineer you should seek one who is professionally qualified: that is either a Chartered, Technician or Associate-Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers (FIStructE, MIStructE, AIStructE, TIStructE, AMIStructE) and/or registered CEng, IEng or EngTech with the Engineering Council.

 Chartered Structural Engineer, Simon Pitchers CEng FIStructE, describes the role of structural engineers below...