Traversing the development sector - IABSE Journey to Success
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Traversing the development sector - IABSE Journey to Success

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On April 25 2022 the Institution’s Humanitarian and International Development (HID) Panel hosted “Journey to Success” in collaboration with IABSE (British Group): a panel discussion and mentoring event for early-years professionals interested in working in the development sector.

HID Panel members Al Norris, Seb Kamiski, Raja Narwari and Suzie Cooper joined Siti Jamaludin, Johannes Whittam and co-chairs David Knight and Julia Ratcliffe to share their experiences and insight.   

The panellists came from a variety of backgrounds – with some working full time in the sector from the UK or overseas and others volunteering alongside their UK based jobs  – and illustrated the wide range of roles that a structural engineer might fulfil in this sector.  Discussions covered the understanding, skills, and attitudes to work effectively in this field and how they might be developed in more traditional early-career settings and through self-guided learning.  The informal setting permitted a fascinating and open discussion around the challenges and opportunities of working in the sector.

There was great engagement by all, and conversations continued into the evening – and it is hoped that this can become a regular event.

More information on the panellists can be found here.

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