Exploring the structural potential of concrete in 3D printing

Author: Victoria Richardson

Date published

21 February 2019

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Exploring the structural potential of concrete in 3D printing

Case Study
Date published

21 February 2019


Victoria Richardson




Victoria Richardson

The 2017 Pai Lin Li Travel Grant Lecture by Victoria Richardson.

Pai Lin Li Travel Grant winner, Victoria, describes the structural potential of concrete in 3D printing.

Her presentation covers:

Definition of 3D printing:

  • The use of digital files to create 3D objects built by using successive layers of material.

Why should we use concrete in 3D printing:

  • How doing away with traditional formwork could reduce costs, save time and deliver beautiful and efficient designs.

Current 3D concrete printing methods:

  • Layering technique
  • Powder bed and building material
  • Mesh reinforcement cage

How to progress 3D printing to construction and how structural engineers can contribute :

  • Having the right building codes and standards
  • Collaboration
  • Proof of viability
  • Clear contracts and responsibilities
  • The need for a cultural shift

Victoria also wrote about 3D printing concrete in The Structural Engineer in 2017.

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