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Quickly access thematic series of articles published in The Structural Engineer, including the popular Technical Guidance Notes.

Climate emergency

The climate emergency is the greatest threat to our planet. Structural engineers have a responsibility to help mitigate its effects by changing the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, commissioned and constructed.

Technical Guidance Notes (Level 1)

Technical Guidance Notes have been conceived to provide technical guidance to both undergraduates and those in the early stages of their careers. Level 1 aims to provide sound foundations from which design skills can be developed, by focusing on basic structural engineering fundamentals.

Technical Guidance Notes (Level 2)

Level 2 guides build on what has been described previously in the Level 1 series. The topics covered at Level 2 are of a more complex nature, as they typically deal with the design of elements as opposed to core concepts such as loading and stability.

Technical Guidance Notes (Level 3)

Level 3 notes cover more complex topics that assume greater prior knowledge. As a rough guide, each Level 3 note assumes the reader is fully conversant with any relevant Level 1 and 2 notes that precede it.

Business Practice Notes

The Business Practice Note series has been developed by the Institution’s Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee to provide guidance on aspects of running a practice and project management.

Composite & Steel Construction compendium

This series of technical articles forms a composite (steel-concrete) and steel construction compendium. Written by leading experts from the SCI, the articles aim to provide a real insight into composite and steel construction, to help practising engineers get the most from these materials.

Concrete Bridge Design & Construction series

This series, authored by the Concrete Bridge Development Group (CBDG), summarises all the key areas concerning concrete bridge design and construction.

Concrete Design Guide

This series was produced by The Concrete Centre to enable designers to realise the potential of concrete.

Conservation compendium

The Conservation compendium aims to improve the way engineers handle historic fabric through the study of historic materials, conservation philosophy, forms of construction and project examples.

Engineer's Guide to PI Claims

This series from insurance broker Griffiths & Armour loosely follows the life of a typical professional indemnity claim against an engineer, pausing to comment on various issues which might typically arise: from notification to insurers to defence and settlement.

Industry CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures you remain competent in your profession. Completing Industry CPD modules in The Structural Engineer can contribute to your CPD reporting.

Lessons from failure

In this collection of articles, forensic engineer, Sean Brady, introduces readers to the forensic process, examines significant historical failures and the lessons that can be learned from them, and considers the human factors that can contribute to failure.

Managing Health & Safety Risks

The series aims to assist all members, but younger members in particular, in understanding the background and issues relating to the management of health-and-safety risks in construction.

Managing risk & contractual liability

This series from insurance broker Griffiths & Armour examines contractual risks and liability claims.


In this section of The Structural Engineer we examine the careers, motivations and opinions of individuals across the structural engineering profession - from rising stars to the great and good.

Structural use of bamboo

This five-part technical series, aimed at both developed- and developing-world contexts, brings together current knowledge and best practice on the structural use of bamboo.

Temporary Works Toolkit

The Temporary Works Toolkit is a series of articles aimed primarily at assisting the permanent works designer with temporary works issues.

Timber Engineering Notebook

This series was authored by the Structural Timber Association (STA) to provide technical information on the use of timber as a structural medium.