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Technical Guidance Notes (Level 3)

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The Institution's Technical Guidance Notes have been conceived to provide technical guidance to both undergraduates and those in the early stages of their careers.

Experienced technicians may also find these notes helpful when looking to develop a greater understanding of structural design.

The notes are intended to be easily accessible and to form the foundation of a personal technical reference library.

Level 3 notes cover more complex topics that assume greater prior knowledge. As a rough guide, each Level 3 note assumes the reader is fully conversant with any relevant Level 1 and 2 notes that precede it.

Articles in this series

The Structural Engineer

This note introduces the analysis and design methods for post-fixed anchors and explains how they can be applied. 

Publish Date – 5 July 2021

The Structural Engineer

This note discusses axial shortening within vertical concrete loadbearing elements in structures with more than 15 storeys.

Publish Date – 4 January 2021

The Structural Engineer

This note will explain how to determine the movement, or restraint to movement under thermal effects, and how it varies depending on a variety of conditions. It will also highlight areas where potential issues can be overlooked.

Publish Date – 13 November 2023

The Structural Engineer

The purpose of this Technical Guidance Note is to assist structural engineers familiar with the theoretical behaviour of steel structural elements subject to torsion to avoid or design for it when necessary.

Publish Date – 3 July 2023