Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee

Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee

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Our Business Practice and Regulatory Control Committee helps shape the Institution’s technical strategy in areas which impact on the operation of a structural design practice.

The Committee ensures that the Institution's technical strategy in relation to business and regulatory matters is implemented through a programme of activities and initiatives. This is acheived by working closely with the Engineering Leadership Group to determine strategic priorities: how, where and when to provide members with resources, training and events. Topics may include:

  • Regulatory frameworks
  • How businesses can address the climate emergency
  • Business Practice Notes (which provide guidance on aspects of running a practice and project management)

This Committee also provides direction and oversight of the BIM, Ethics and Small Practitioners Panels.


Committee structure:

The constitution of the Committee aims to reflect the diversity of the Institutions membership and to provide different perspectives.

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Chairs of reporting panels
  • Structural Futures Committee representative
  • Young Members Panel representative
  • Up to 28 other members representing (including members of various grades and those based in different locations)
Get involved:

We invite expressions of interest in Committee membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Members of the Committee are expected to fully participate in supporting and driving the Committee's activities forward.

There are many ways that you can contribute to the activities of the group, and you will be expected to do some work outside the meetings, for example drafting or reviewing guidance and keeping up to date on the latest developments around the topics the Committee is involved with.

The Committee meet four times a year. A maximum of one meeting will be in person at Institution HQ, whilst all other meetings are held online. Online access to meetings is always available.

Contact the Committee if you have questions about their work.

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Circular economy panel debate

A technical debate around practical approaches towards implementing the circular economy within structural engineering and the construction industry.

Date – 7 January 2022
Author – Laura Batty, Andrea Charlson, Penny Gowler and Charlie Wedgwood
Price – 0
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Financing a greener built environment

Date – 29 October 2021
Author – Suzannah Sherman, Research Associate, Chatham House Sustainability Accelerator
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Company-wide carbon targets: overcoming barriers to progress</h4>

Company-wide carbon targets: overcoming barriers to progress

Setting company-wide carbon targets for projects is an effective way to bring about behavioural change within a firm, leading to widespread carbon accounting and reductions across a firm's portfolio. This report summarises a roundtable held to discuss barriers and opportunities for setting targets within firms.

Date – 4 January 2022
Author – Will Arnold
Price – £0
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2022: The new Code of Conduct

The Professional Conduct Committee has recently undertaken an in-depth review of the Code of Conduct. The new Code will be launched on the 1st of January 2022. 

Date – 15 December 2021
Author – Rui Carvalho-Pais, Professional Conduct Manager
<h4>CPD brochure 2022</h4>

CPD brochure 2022

The 2022 brochure of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses is available to download.

Date – 9 December 2021
Price – 0
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COP26 and structural engineering

Date – 15 November 2021
Author – Will Arnold, Head of Climate Action, IStructE
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Business Practice Note No. 38: Getting value from your social media activity</h4>

Business Practice Note No. 38: Getting value from your social media activity

The IStructE Marketing team sets out simple steps for planning and implementing a successful social media strategy for your business.

Date – 8 November 2021
Author – The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price – £10
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Viewpoint: Mental health in construction: who's looking out for management?</h4>

Viewpoint: Mental health in construction: who's looking out for management?

Andy Leask sees a role for the professional institutions in creating an environment where all people – from junior staff to directors – feel comfortable discussing mental health issues with their peers.

Date – 4 May 2021
Author – Andy Leask
Price – £10
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Viewpoint: How can we allow room for innovation in a competency focused profession?</h4>

Viewpoint: How can we allow room for innovation in a competency focused profession?

Neil Wakeman calls for codes of conduct to balance risk and competency against a need to allow engineering skills to be applied as fully as possible in the pursuit of better solutions.

Date – 4 May 2021
Author – Neil Wakeman
Price – £10
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Addressing the Climate Emergency within a small engineering practice

In this blog, Matt Byatt FIStrucE and Vice President, describe his SME's experience in addressing the Climate Emergency.

Date – 21 June 2021
Author – Matt Byatt
Price – Free

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Eurocode 5: the essentials of timber design

This one-day, online course offers an introduction to timber design to Eurocode 5.

Date – 18 November 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
Witness in a court room

Expert Witness: going into court

This one-day, in-person course is designed to give you knowledge and experience of being in court. You will be cross-examined by a practising barrister in a protected environment to improve your technique, so you can be confident if you are called to give evidence.

Date – 5 November 2024
Location – 47-58 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PS
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Ground investigations and outline foundation design

This half-day in-person course provides guidance to early-career structural engineers to develop a better understanding of geotechnical engineering and use that knowledge to enhance and promote sustainable design.

Date – 31 October 2024
Location – 47-58 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PS
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Reinforced concrete essentials

This course establishes good practice in the design of reinforced concrete structures. Through practical exercises, it will cover concept, design, flat slabs and finite element analysis.

Date – 29 October 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
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Deep basement design and construction

This course gives guidance on the key considerations when planning the construction of deep basements. It covers using both embedded wall bottom-up and top-down construction in accordance with Eurocodes 2 and 7.

Date – 24 October 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
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Mental Health First Aid training 2024

Certify as a Mental Health First Aider through a mix of individual learning activities and four tutors led live online training sessions.

Date – 21 October 2024
Location – Online
Price – Free
calculator on top of a balance sheet

Financial fundamentals

This course provides an overview of accounting principles and an explanation of accounting terminology. It also covers how to understand key financial documents.

Date – 21 October 2024
Location – 47-58 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PS
Price – £325 - £485 + VAT
Presenting work at the 2018 Young Researchers Conference

Moving into engineering management

Discover how to be successful in your management career and whether management is the direction for you. This interactive two-day course gives first-time managers a toolbox of techniques to use for managing engineers and other technical staff.

Date – 14 October 2024
Location – 47-58 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PS
Price – £575 - £855 + VAT
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SME business practice conference 2024

A hands-on conference, tailored to SME owners, equipping SME practitioners with a comprehensive toolkit to capitalise on emerging industry priorities and maximise business potential.

Date – 10 October 2024
Location – Institution of Structural Engineers international HQ
Price – £55 - £325 + VAT

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