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Advisory Group on Temporary Structures

The Advisory Group on Temporary Structures are a group of relevant experts seeking to support the temporary demountable structures sector.


The purpose of the AGOTS is to support the Engineering Leadership Group (ELG), through the Design Practice Risk and Structural Safety Committee (DPC) with strategic guidance on issues relating to demountable structures that affect the Institution’s members and the wider built environment.

AGOTS contains the following members:

  • Chair
  • Up to 12 members
  • Secretariat

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The Structural Engineer
Illustration of damaged ply boarding

CROSS: Rotting plywood decking on grandstand

As the summer event season gets under way in the UK, we present a CROSS safety report highlighting the need for robust inspections of temporary demountable structures.

Date ‐ 1 July 2022
Author ‐ Confidential Reporting on Safer Structures
Price ‐ £0
Blue abstract blocks

Procurement and use of demountable structures

This guidance note has been written to remind people of their legal responsibilities when procuring and using temporary demountable structures for events.

Date ‐ 18 March 2022
Author ‐ Institution's Advisory Group on Temporary Structures (AGOTS)
Price ‐ Free
Blue abstract blocks

Bringing design to reality

fibUK brings together experts to explore bringing design to reality, using case studies of modular bridge substructures and reinforced concrete structures.

Date ‐ 19 January 2022
Author ‐ John Armitage, Chris Hendy, David Kwong, Philip Robinson, Ioannis Vousvoukis
Price ‐ Free
Fiona Carr at the People and Papers Awards

The People and Papers Awards 2021

Read award-winning papers and discover members recognised for their commitment to the Institution.

Date ‐ 24 September 2021
Blue abstract blocks

Temporary demountable structures - Winter 2020/21 considerations

The Advisory Group on Temporary Structures (AGOTS) has put together brief guidance for landlords, local authorities and event organisers.

Date ‐ 11 January 2021
Author ‐ Paul Blakeman
Price ‐ Free
The Structural Engineer
Circle showing numbers 1-8 and graphics representing temporary works

Aligning temporary works with the Digital Plan of Work

Temporary works can often be overlooked at the strategy stage of a project. However, introducing temporary works digitally from the very beginning of a project delivers many benefits, including the ability to help teams win tenders by providing more buildable solutions, argues Duncan Reed of Trimble.

Date ‐ 4 January 2021
Author ‐ Duncan Reed
Price ‐ £9
The Structural Engineer
View of MultiPly pavilion at V&A museum

Design and construction of the MultiPly pavilion using cross-laminated tulipwood

This paper describes the design, fabrication and erection of the MultiPly timber pavilion, which was made from the first cross-laminated timber to be manufactured at volume in the UK.

Date ‐ 4 January 2021
Author ‐ Simon Bateman and Carolina Bartram
Price ‐ £9
<h4>The importance of specialist Temporary Works design consultation</h4>

The importance of specialist Temporary Works design consultation

Discover the benefits of early involvement of a Temporary Works consultant/specialist in building and civil engineering projects.

Date ‐ 30 September 2020
Author ‐ David Thomas, Tony Gould, Roy Lyle & Simon Smith
Price ‐ £26.00 + VAT
Looking up towards temporary structure scaffolding

The control of Temporary Works and BS5975:2019

Industry experts discuss expectations on the procedural control of Temporary Works.

Date ‐ 28 April 2020
Author ‐ Chris Bennion and James McFarlane
Price ‐ £26.00 + VAT