Design Practice, Risk & Structural Safety Committee

Our Design Practice, Risk and Structural Safety Committee helps shape the Institution’s technical strategy in areas that impact the practical design of structures in current practice.

The committee works closely with the Engineering Leadership Group and the Head of Technical Secretariat Services to determine strategic priorities: how, where and when to supply members with related resources, training and events. 

The committee ensures that the Institution's technical strategy (in relation to design, risk and structural safety matters) is implemented through a programme of activities and initiatives.

This Committee also provides direction and oversight of the Sustainability, Safety, Health and Wellbeing, Humanitarian and International Development, Research, Seismic and Dynamic Events panels as well as Structural-Safety and Study Groups.


  • Chair
  • Chairs of reporting Panels
  • Up to 11 other members
  • Corresponding members


Get involved:

Volunteering makes a valuable contribution to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

You will attend four meetings a year and have full access to all related documents. You will undertake some work between meetings.

We invite expressions of interest in committee membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Contact the committee if you have questions about their work. 

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Featured events and resources

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Envelope checklist

The checklist is intended for graduate engineers or those with little experience of envelopes.

Date ‐ 21 July 2021
Author ‐ Peter Lenk
Price ‐ 0
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Measuring structural performance

Date ‐ 30 March 2021
Author ‐ Alan Jeary FIStructE
Price ‐ Free
<h4>Inspiring women in structural engineering: Tanya de Hoog</h4>

Inspiring women in structural engineering: Tanya de Hoog

Tanya de Hoog talks to us about some of the people and experiences that have shaped her career. She shares her thoughts on bias and inclusivity within our profession.

Date ‐ 5 March 2021
<h4>Recent trends inspiring structural design of contemporary building envelopes</h4>

Recent trends inspiring structural design of contemporary building envelopes

Discover the design principles, performance, and material selection in contemporary building envelopes.

Date ‐ 21 July 2020
Author ‐ Peter Lenk
Price ‐ £26.00 + VAT
<h4>Minimal intervention: less is more</h4>

Minimal intervention: less is more

Hear from the engineer behind the Structural Award-winning Newquay Harper Footbridge project - and get into the mindset of only doing what is necessary.

Date ‐ 27 April 2020
Author ‐ Tony Parasram
Price ‐ Free
Masonry wall

An overview of the specifying and detailing of masonry construction

The Institution’s report responds to the Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools, highlighting key aspects of masonry construction and the main responsibilities.

Date ‐ 1 June 2019
Price ‐ Free

Related resources and events

<h4>Conceptual Design for Structural Engineers: Advanced</h4>

Conceptual Design for Structural Engineers: Advanced

A series of two-hour interactive sessions taking place over three weeks to help experienced practitioners take their conceptual design skills to the next level. There will be a focus on understanding client needs, generating, and iteratively developing ideas, effective decision making in design, and managing design teams.

Date ‐ 1 December 2022
Price ‐ £485 - £715
<h4>Stadium Design</h4>

Stadium Design

This course demonstrates the similarities between stadium engineering and other types of design. It stresses the importance of the Class 3 structure review regulations and the critical compliance with stadium design guides.

Date ‐ 10 November 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £265 - £395
<h4>Conceptual Design for Structural Engineers: An Introduction (November)</h4>

Conceptual Design for Structural Engineers: An Introduction (November)

This popular course is delivered as a series of interactive online sessions supported by individual study. It provides a theoretical framework for understanding conceptual design in the context of structural engineering.

Date ‐ 3 November 2022
Price ‐ £265 - £395
<h4>Drawing gym for engineers (online)</h4>

Drawing gym for engineers (online)

This course introduces a number of drawing techniques and systems. It will increase your confidence in your sketching abilities.

Date ‐ 2 November 2022
Price ‐ £265 - £395
<h4>Eurocode 7: foundation design for small practitioners</h4>

Eurocode 7: foundation design for small practitioners

This course covers aspects of the geotechnical and structural design of spread and piled foundations. It is tailored for engineers working in small practices. The content is compliant with Eurocodes 2 and 7, with opportunities for comparisons with relevant British Standards.

Date ‐ 20 October 2022
Location ‐ The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price ‐ £265 - £395
<h4>Understanding structural design (online)</h4>

Understanding structural design (online)

This two-day course extends the principles developed in the Understanding Structural Behaviour course. It covers more complex real structures and failures; and the important skills of approximate analysis for checking computer output and member sizing.

Date ‐ 18 October 2022
Price ‐ £485 - £715
<h4>Wind: dynamic responses of structure to wind (online)</h4>

Wind: dynamic responses of structure to wind (online)

This course covers the theoretical background, technical aspects and Eurocode provisions for the analysis and design of flexible structures exposed to wind loads.

Date ‐ 21 September 2022
Price ‐ £265 - £395
<h4>Using computational design in practice (online)</h4>

Using computational design in practice (online)

This practical course introduces engineers to various computational design methods and systems. You will experiment with visual programming (using Grasshopper) and text-based programming (using C#). You will see how automation can improve engineers’ workflows. No previous experience is required.

Date ‐ 20 September 2022
Price ‐ £485 - £715
<h4>Resilience-based design of structures (online)</h4>

Resilience-based design of structures (online)

This interactive online course will share current state-of-the-art frameworks for the adoption of resilience-based design in professional practice, demonstrating advantages compared to a traditional prescriptive design and providing examples of how they benefit the client.

Date ‐ 19 September 2022
Price ‐ £265 - £395

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