Design Practice, Risk and Structural Safety Committee

Design Practice, Risk and Structural Safety Committee

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Our Design Practice, Risk and Structural Safety Committee helps shape the Institution’s technical strategy in areas that impact the practical design of structures in current practice.

The Committee ensures that the Institution's technical strategy in relation to design, risk and structural safety matters is implemented through a programme of activities and initiatives. This is achieved by working closely with the Engineering Leadership Group to determine strategic priorities: how, where and when to supply members with related resources, training and events. Topics may include:

  • Structural safety and risk
  • The climate emergency
  • Impact of regulatory changes on structural design and construction

This Committee also provides direction and oversight of the Sustainability; Safety, Health and Wellbeing; Humanitarian and International Development; Research; Seismic and Dynamic Events Panels and is involved with Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures UK (CROSS-UK) and the Institution Study Groups.


Committee structure:

The constitution of the Committee aims to reflect the diversity of the Institutions membership and to provide different perspectives.

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Chairs of reporting Panels
  • Up to 28 other members (including members of various grades and those based in different locations)


Get involved:

We invite expressions of interest in Committee membership each September, contacting all members except Student Members.

Members of the Committee are expected to fully participate in supporting and driving the panels activities forward.

There are many ways that you can contribute to the activities of the group, and you will be expected to do some work outside the meetings, for example drafting or reviewing guidance and keeping up to date on the latest developments around the topics the Committee is involved with.

Contact the Committee if you have questions about their work. 

Contact the committee

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Featured events and resources

The Structural Engineer
PV- array

A guide to assessing existing roofs for the addition of solar panels

This article summarises guidance developed by Hampshire County Council for the assessment of roofs in order to install photovoltaic panels.

Date – 1 April 2022
Author – Jonathan Prew
Price – £10
The Structural Engineer
Carbon payback period

Balancing embodied and operational carbon in building envelope design

This article introduces the idea of a ‘carbon payback period’ as a metric for assessing the net carbon emissions of design decisions whose scope spans both the embodied and operational carbon.

Date – 1 March 2022
Author – Will Wild
Price – £10
<h4>Examples for the seismic design of steel and concrete buildings to Eurocode 8</h4>

Examples for the seismic design of steel and concrete buildings to Eurocode 8

Simple design calculations for basic steel and concrete elements for buildings within the scope of BS EN 1998.

Date – 24 February 2022
Author – Costas Georgopoulos and Kong Kian Hau
Price – £39.95
Blue abstract blocks

Bringing design to reality

fibUK brings together experts to explore bringing design to reality, using case studies of modular bridge substructures and reinforced concrete structures.

Date – 19 January 2022
Author – John Armitage, Chris Hendy, David Kwong, Philip Robinson, Ioannis Vousvoukis
Price – Free
The Structural Engineer
<h4>Carbon-reduction measures – cutting through the pushback</h4>

Carbon-reduction measures – cutting through the pushback

Eleana Savvidi laments the resistance that engineers can face when proposing lower-carbon solutions, but urges members to stand firm against misguided pushback.

Date – 4 January 2022
Author – Eleana Savvidi
Price – £10
Blue abstract blocks

Mass timber embodied carbon factors

Arup has conducted a review of European manufacturers’ CLT and glulam Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The review demonstrates that the currently adopted industry average carbon factors for CLT and glulam have reduced when compared with factors from the Inventory of Carbon and Energy database (ICE database).

Date – 1 December 2021
Author – Tom Place, Clare Perkins and Lucy Caine
Price – 0
Blue abstract blocks

Florida bridge collapse: lessons learnt

Lessons learned from the collapse of a new footbridge over a live highway during construction, resulting in a tragic loss of life.

Date – 30 November 2021
Author – Steve Williams
Price – 0
Blue abstract blocks

Envelope checklist

The checklist is intended for graduate engineers or those with little experience of envelopes.

Date – 21 July 2021
Author – Peter Lenk
Price – 0
Image of Tanya de Hoog

Inspiring women in structural engineering: Tanya de Hoog

Tanya de Hoog talks to us about some of the people and experiences that have shaped her career. She shares her thoughts on bias and inclusivity within our profession.

Date – 5 March 2021

Related resources and events

A construction site revealing a concrete structure and scaffolding against bright sun is shown.

Eurocode 2: design of concrete structures

This course covers the design of common structural elements to Eurocode 2. Participants will be introduced to concrete material properties and learn about designing for durability and fire.

Date – 21 November 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
<h4>Timber workshop: design through worked examples</h4>

Timber workshop: design through worked examples

This one-day, online advanced practical workshop will teach complex timber engineering through worked examples. It encourages problem-solving through teaching tools and group discussion.

Date – 19 November 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
Amesbury School detail

Eurocode 5: the essentials of timber design

This one-day, online course offers an introduction to timber design to Eurocode 5.

Date – 18 November 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
Looking up towards temporary structure scaffolding

Temporary works design

This two-day, in-person course provides participants with an understanding of the basic principles of temporary works design.

Date – 13 November 2024
Location – 47-58 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PS
Price – £515 - £765 + VAT
The Millenium Bridge, with St Paul's Cathedral in the background

Conceptual design of bridges

This two-day course is an essential introduction to the conceptual design process for bridges. It covers two key areas: selecting a structural form to suit the constraints of a site and arranging materials and components to meet the demands of the structure in an elegant and logical way.

Date – 6 November 2024
Location – The Institution of Structural Engineers
Price – £515 - £765 + VAT
<h4>Drawing gym for engineers</h4>

Drawing gym for engineers

The course introduces a number of drawing techniques and systems. It will increase your confidence in your sketching abilities. The course takes place as a series of two-hour interactive sessions over four weeks supported by independent study.

Date – 5 November 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
A person measuring the ground.

Ground investigations and outline foundation design

This half-day in-person course provides guidance to early-career structural engineers to develop a better understanding of geotechnical engineering and use that knowledge to enhance and promote sustainable design.

Date – 31 October 2024
Location – 47-58 Bastwick St, London, EC1V 3PS
Price – £215 - £325 + VAT
steel roof

Eurocode 3: structural steelwork design

This course provides an introduction to structural steelwork design to Eurocode 3 for building design.

Date – 30 October 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT
A hand laying bricks

Reinforced concrete essentials

This course establishes good practice in the design of reinforced concrete structures. Through practical exercises, it will cover concept, design, flat slabs and finite element analysis.

Date – 29 October 2024
Location – Online
Price – £295 - £445 + VAT

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